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International coordination ECO XXI

A delegation of FEE-Portugal came to Amsterdam for an international meeting on ECO XXI (a program aimed at simulating sustainability at a local level) on Friday, February 18, 2011. Portugal is the country ECO XXI originated in. The Portugese made the first scheme for the program and have been working with it since 2008. Their experience is of great importance for further application of the scheme in other countries. FEE-Netherlands started the implementation of ECO XXI in the province of Zeeland in 2009. The province financially supported the first three pilot projects. These projects were used to convert the Portugese approach into the Dutch context.


During the meeting on February 18th an agreement was reached on developing an international set of requirements for ECO XXI. The goal is to develop methodological uniformity (weighing, criteria). The results of the meeting will be put into writing as a step towards developing this international set of requirements.

Contact has been made on ECO XXI with the following countries: Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Morocco and Sweden.